Five Islands, Georgetown, Maine

Harbor and dock with boats at Five Islands
Looking across the harbor from the dock at Five Islands, Maine

The leaves weren’t changing yest when we stopped at Five Islands in Georgetown, Maine, but that never stops us from adding this spot to our itinerary, any time we’re in the neighborhood. Of course there is fresh lobster and seafood available on the dock, with picnic tables, but it is more about the beauty–the open expanse of harbor, fishing boats, the islands. There is a feel to Five Islands. World reknown artist, Dahlov Ipcar had her studio and farm just down the road, near another enchanted spot, Robin Hood Cove.

A chance encounter several years ago with a childhood neighbor of Dahlov’s described the farms, Robin Hood Cove, and Five Islands in a way that made them sound almost as fanciful as Robin Hood Cove’s namesake, and it is truly a part of Maine worth stopping for. whether or not the leaves are changing color.

Harbor, dock and boats at Five Islands with slabs of grey rock in the foreground.

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