Autumn Balance

Half dozen brown doughnuts in a boxThere’s something about Autumn that makes me think about balance–maybe it’s Autumn’s position between Summer and Winter. Aurumn also make me think mmore about food–apples, root vegetables, squash, soup…and of course, pumpkin pie and apple cider doughnuts 🙂

A couple years ago, put out the word that we wanted to hear from leafpeeper, apple cider doughnut conosiueurs, what their favorite places for these Autumn delicacies are. We’re doing it again! You can always comment on a page here if you’re registered and share your favoriet or just send a quick email to info qt
Oh yeah, the balance…so, in Southern Maine we have a small, locally owned franchise called Holy Donut (not a sponsor, BTW), who has my vote for the best apple cider doughnut. You’ll find shops in Kennebunk, Scarborough, and Portland, all convenient to Rt. 1, Interstate 95 or 295–pretty convenient for the leafpeepers from ‘Away.’ They do not, however, have my vote for least expensive apple cider doughnuts, so you’ll want to save your pennies for these doughnuts at $4/each. But hey, they’re locally owned and worth every penny.
Walking trail with a wooden fence, colored fall leaves on the ground, trees on either side, and a person in the distance walking a dog.Oh right, balance, So after you pick up those doughnuts for your leaf-peepiing adventure, check out the Eastern Trail for a walk or bike ride. As luck would have it, you can park and hop on the trail close to any of the Holy Donut shops. After that one-of-a-kind doughnut and coffee, of course you’ll want to burn a few calories and soak up some of the Fall color and Autumn splendor with a walk or ride on the Eastern Trail.
Let us hear your favorite places for an apple cider doughnut at info at Enjoy!

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