Fall Foliage Reports for the South including Georgia, North Carolina,Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

Fall Foliage Reports for the South

Water wheel in creek with small rapids and yellow-orange foliage

Fall Foliage in Babcock State Park, West Virginia

Georgia Fall Foliage Reports

Hotline: 1 800-864-7275
Peak Peeping:

  • Late October starting in the higher elevations

Georgia Foliage Reports

Georgia State Forests Reports

Georgia Scenic Drives

Georgia Rail Trails

Maryland Fall Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-LEAVES1
Peak Peeping:

  • Mid October

Maryland Foliage Reports

Maryland Scenic Drives

Maryland Lodging

Maryland Rail Trails

North Carolina Fall Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-847-4862
Peak Peeping:

  • Mid October through the first week of November

North Carolina Foliage Reports

North Carolina Scenic Drives

North Carolina Rail Trails

South Carolina Fall Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-849-4766 (UoCountry SC Visitor’s Guide)
Peak Peeping:

  • November

South Carolina Foliage Reports

Scenic Drives in South Carolina

Rail Trails in South Carolina

Tennessee Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-697-4200
Peak Peeping:

  • Mid-October peak color above 4000 feet.

Tennessee Foliage Reports

Tennessee Scenic Drives

Tennessee Lodging

Tennessee Rail Trails

Virginia Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-434-5323
Peak Peeping:

  • Mid-October in the western mountains
  • Late October for eastern part of the state

Virginia Foliage Reports

Virginia Scenic Drives

Virginia Lodging

Virginia Rail Trails

West Virginia Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-225-5982

Peak Peeping:

  • Mid to late October

West Virginia Foliage Reports

West Virginia Scenic Drives

West Virginia Lodging

West Virginia Rail Trails

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