Leaf-peeping in the Midwest

firewood stacked beneath golden colored leaves

Getting ready for the wood-stove and leaf=peeping

If you’re in the Midwest or heading there for leaf=peeping you will find some spectacular leaf-peeping in the coming weeks in Missouri . Check out some of the great foliage pics from Kansas City, MO or head to Parkville, rated as one of the top 50 places in the country to see the fall foliage.

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Covered Bridge in Bridgton

Covered bridge with some fall colored foliage

Fall foliage is slowly starting in the southern part of Maine as you can see from this picture of the Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge taken October 6 in Pondicherry Park, Bridgton Maine. The covered bridge is a replica built as a memorial in the park and incorporates both old and new covered bridge construction.

On the drive to Bridgton yesterday along Rt 35, through Rt 107 we encountered 3 deer grazing in a field who decided to cross about the same time we passed–thankfully no one was hurt–deer or human, and later, a small flock of wild turkeys, to complete the fall outing.

I f  you are in Bridgton on Saturday, be sure to check out the Farer’s Market where you can get a great cup of coffee, homemade cookies, and raw cow milk from a local farm!

No color nearby? Check out Where to Watch Canada’s Leaves Change Coloyr for some great photos of peak spots in Canada.

Enjoy the leaf-peeping! Be sure to post a comment in the Foliage Forum if you find some great cider donuts or have a picture to share.

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West Virginia #Almost Heaven

road winding through autumn foliage

What Virginia Office of Tourism

West Virginia unveiled weekly Foliage Reports emailed to subscribers from What Virginia Office of Tourism. West Virginia leaf-peepers will experience the best foliage from mid=October through November. Great new feature for those looking for real-time reporting, #AlmostHeaven allows people to post their own pictures, which are then posted on a map, so you always know where to find the best foliage.

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Maine’s Foliage Reports

Stone fence beneath tree with golden leavesAccording to the Maine Foliage Report the Northern part of the state is reaching peak–but don’t worry, for visitors to the southern part of the state, six hours drive south and on the coast, the leaves are just starting to change, and are at least 2 weeks away from reaching full color.

The Maine Foliage report is updated each week, and also has a list of some of the major activities happening that week and lists where you might see the best foliage and scenic drives. Maine also has an official foliage website  Maine Foliage they include more photos, and a weekly foliage report by email.


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Leaf-peeping in a Puddle

reflection of yellow leaves in waterKristina’s mom sent an email to Leafpeepers.com explaining that her daughter was working on a school project about favorite fall activities. She found a great website called Kids Guide to Outdoor Fall Fun. This page is just packed with great ideas for fall activities for kids!

If you are an Instagram user you might want to check out Leafpeepers on Instagram–a user who was quicker than me in securing the Leafpeeprs username, but has nothing to do with Leafpeepers,com. It looks like a picture is posted frequently.

Leafpeepers.com will post on Instagram at 4Leafpeepers, so check us out there.

Vermont.com Foliage Reports indicate that much of Vermont is approaching peak, so get out there to enjoy! If you run across a great cider donut, be sure to share a pic or the location with us in the forum.

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Romac Orchard in Acton

Honey Crisp apples in a treeWe knew it was going to be too early for serious leaf peeping in Southern Maine today but we had other things to think about–like where is the best cider donut to be found? With that noble goal in mind we set out to find Romac Orchard in Acton Maine which has a most interesting story. Romac was purchased 3 years ago by Will Cote who had a vision to bring the orchard back after some years of neglect. On his 18th birthday, he purchased Romac!

Nothing goes with leaf peeping quite like apple picking. Although the foliage was just barely starting in Acton this weekend, there is a rather spectacular view from the top of Goat Hill Trail, which overlooks the orchard, and gives you a nice walk to work off the cider donuts. From the top of Goat Hill Trail you can look out to Square Pond and Wilson Pond in the distance, and this will truly be quite a picturesque view in the next couple weeks!

Hats off to Will and Three Rivers Land Trust for preserving this beautiful property for the residents of Acton and York County!

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Fall Starting in West Kennebunk

Tree next to hot dog stand with some leaves turning orangeFall is just around the corner in West Kennebunk, Maine. It started last year with the cold morning overcast scootering to the bus, the smell of honey dripping from the hive frames on the kitchen counter, the jars of bread and butter pickles canned over the weekend, the smell of pickling spices and vinegar, the tomatoes on the kitchen table and window sill, the open windows, the sunflower bowing to the last days of summer, and the first changes of color on the big tree across from the post office, on Maine St. It’s all good!

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Leaf Peepers 2019

Autumn foliage of yellow and gold surrounding pondFor 2019 Leafpeepers.com will be adding several new features we hope you will enjoy. The first feature will be updated blog posts which will appear in this section. Please feel free to forward your photos to info at leafpeepers.com for consideration.

This photo was taken in October 2016 at one of my favorite places Alewive Pond Farm.

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