Fall Foliage Reports-Autumn Foliage Reports


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Fall Foliage Reports and resources for the Midwest, including Ohio,
Michigan, Kentucky and Wisconsin

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Midwest Foliage Reports

Kentucky Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-225-8747
Peak Peeping:

  • Late September through October

Kentucky Foliage Report

Michigan Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-644-3255
Peak Peeping:

Michigan Foliage Reports

Ohio Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-697-4200
Peak Peeping:

Ohio Foliage Reports

Ohio Scenic Drives

Wisconsin Foliage Reports

Hotline: 800-372-2737
Peak Peeping:

  • Mid-September in the north
  • Late October to early November in the south

Wisconsin Foliage Reports


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