Romac Orchard in Acton

Honey Crisp apples in a treeWe knew it was going to be too early for serious leaf peeping in Southern Maine today but we had other things to think about–like where is the best cider donut to be found? With that noble goal in mind we set out to find Romac Orchard in Acton Maine which has a most interesting story. Romac was purchased 3 years ago by Will Cote who had a vision to bring the orchard back after some years of neglect. On his 18th birthday, he purchased Romac!

Nothing goes with leaf peeping quite like apple picking. Although the foliage was just barely starting in Acton this weekend, there is a rather spectacular view from the top of Goat Hill Trail, which overlooks the orchard, and gives you a nice walk to work off the cider donuts. From the top of Goat Hill Trail you can look out to Square Pond and Wilson Pond in the distance, and this will truly be quite a picturesque view in the next couple weeks!

Hats off to Will and Three Rivers Land Trust for preserving this beautiful property for the residents of Acton and York County!

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