Leaf-peeping in a Puddle

reflection of yellow leaves in waterKristina’s mom sent an email to Leafpeepers.com explaining that her daughter was working on a school project about favorite fall activities. She found a great website called Kids Guide to Outdoor Fall Fun. This page is just packed with great ideas for fall activities for kids!

If you are an Instagram user you might want to check out Leafpeepers on Instagram–a user who was quicker than me in securing the Leafpeeprs username, but has nothing to do with Leafpeepers,com. It looks like a picture is posted frequently.

Leafpeepers.com will post on Instagram at 4Leafpeepers, so check us out there.

Vermont.com Foliage Reports indicate that much of Vermont is approaching peak, so get out there to enjoy! If you run across a great cider donut, be sure to share a pic or the location with us in the forum.

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